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School Foundations 1833 - 1913

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Early Memories of The Madras College


Archive extracts of memories of pupils of the school in the 19th century, including:

  • W J MacDonald 1858 to 1868
  • Rev. Robert Forgan 1866 to 1876
  • Lord Sands 1869 to 1873

William Ochter Lonie (1822-1894)
Mathematics Head Master from 1846

    A talk given in Romania to Mathematicians in 2014 by Prof. Edmund Robertson covering:
  • Andrew Bell
  • The Madras College
  • William Ochter Lonie
  • Lonie's ideas on teaching & education
  • James Walker's Fair Book

1831 Sasine

    The text of the 1831 transfer of the grounds of Madras College, South Street

1831 Indenture

    The text of the Indenture from Dr Andrew Bell settling funds for the establishment of Madras College and other schools.

Westminster Abbey Memorial to Dr Bell


William Burn, Architect of the school


William Burn, Architect of the school


William Burn as a young man

Courtesy of Mrs Anne Tynte-Irvine

4-5223 c.1820

Asserted to be a picture of William Burn as a young man showing his portfolio to the older man (name unknown, but possibly his father who was the architect who designed the Nelson Tower on Calton Hill in Edinburgh).

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