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Vote of Thanks

Without the help of a myriad of organisations and people the Madras Archive Project simply would not have happened. We would like to thank our sponsors and those who helped in a technical or material manner. This long list includes:

Royal and Ancient Golf Club
Madras Trustees Fund
The Bell Fund
The Merchants Association
The Madras Parent Council
St Andrews Community Council
St Andrews Preservation Trust
University of St Andrews
The Madras Office staff
Irene Bennett
James Bennet
Ann Bridges
David Cleland
Olav Darge
Patricia Esler
David Galloway
Dr John Gilbert
Dr Ian Gilroy
Peter Gray
Elizabeth Higgins
Lindsay Hodge
Frances Humphries
Jude Innes
Ian Jones
Hamish Kinnear
Magnus Latona
Donald MacGregor
Colin Mackay
Lindsey Matheson
Elaine Methven
Anne Morris
Christine Noble
Arlen Pardoe
Ken Paterson
Henry Paul
Prof Edmund Robertson
Maia Sheridan
Sandra Thomson
David Watkinson
Morag Wilson
Matthew Wright

David Boath
Neil Campbell
Ann Cantley
Derek Chappell
Jane Connor
John Darroch
Ian Docherty
Ian Drummond
Brian Duncan
Douglas Grant
Alastair Gillespie
Neil Gillespie
Jane Guttridge
Cally Haines
Pat Harvey
Mary Hay
Hamish Hermiston
Peter Holmes
Gus Langlands
Gail Lawson
Andrew Lindsay
David McKirdy
Mrs A Meakin
Fraser Milne
Colin Mitchell
Dr Peter Murray
Sinclair Murray
Grahame Myles
Andrew Novak-Solinski
Ronan Paterson
Irene Redford
Melville Reid
Joy Steele
Lewis Garippa
Katie Stewart
Ben Levy
Ted Brocklebank

And all the others who have helped or facilitated the Madras Archive Project. Thank you all.