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Staff Records 1968 - 1989

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture. 

Title of item

Class No



Staff Photograph

Photo: Peter Adamson



Back Row: Arlen Pardoe (Chemistry), Hamish Cook (Maths), Geoff Pearson (Physics), Tim Grove (extreme back, French), Jerry Lawson (Technical), Jim McKenzie (Technical), Arthur Edward (Art), Brian Prothero (RE), David Mole (Biology),  Brian Hanneford (English), Albert Buchanan (Art), Bill McKirdy (Biology), George Kinghorn (Technical), Bert Henderson (Business Studies), Grant Blair (PE), Isobel Currie (Home Economics), Bill McGavin (Technical), Aileen McCleod (Special Education), Frankie Watson (Music), Bill Reid (Physics), Duncan Montieth (Geography), ?, Fred Murray (English), Donald Chisholm (Art), Simon Weller (Art)

2nd Back Row: John Gourlay (Janitor), Bill Blakey (RE), Nan Taylor (French), ?, ?, Helen Tyrell (Languages), Isobel Smart (English), David Wemyss (History), Keith Neilson (PE), Ann Anderson (Maths), Cathy Poller (Special Education), Mrs Matheson (French), Jean Scott (PE), Jim Noble (Maths), Tim Willetts (Biology), Jim Watson (Music), Derek Barrie (History)

3rd Back Row: Andrew Lindsay (English), ?, Mrs Ferguson (Office), Margaret Beetham (Biology), Jimmy Pyper (Rural Studies), Lesley Geddes (Mod Languages), Leslie von Goetz (History), Elizabeth Landells (English), David Wallace (English), Sandy Smart (Technical), Muriel Robertson (Special Education), Jean Lohoar (Biology), Tom Langlands (Navigation), Betty Howden (Biology), Arthur Duff (Art), Audrey Braid (PE), Peter Close (Technical)

Front Row: Ann Young (French), Sheila Gardner (Office), Mrs Henderson (Home Economics), ?, Ann Murray (Music), Maureen Novak-Solinska (Music), Miss Brace (Remedial), Alex Ingles (Depute Rector), Margaret Napier (Assistant Rector), Sheila Young (Business Studies), Elizabeth Sutherland (English), Zandra Arroll (Lab Technician), Eileen McIntyre (Auxiliary), Mrs Adam (Home Economics), Penny Hinks (Geography)

Retiral Dinner

2 1135

June 1985

A Dinner to honour
Dr. J. Thompson
on the occasion of his retirement

Rector of the Madras College

The Dominies

Photo: G.Cowie, St Andrews

4-769 1977 Arthur Edward, Sandy Smart, Andrew Lindsay
Staff Photograph

Photo: Peter Adamson



Back Row: David Cleland, Jimmy Anderson, Geoff Pearson, David Geddes, Alan Mackay, Bill McGavin, Ian Christie, Robin Waterston, ?, Bill Johnson, David Dobson, Alastair MacCrimmon, Alan Barclay, Bill Reid, Jim Leighton, Bob Edie, Alan Mackenzie, Robert Campbell, ?, Donald Chisholm, Sandy Smart

3rd Back Row: Arlen Pardoe, Albert Buchanan, Sandy Cuthbert, Andrew Lindsay, ?, Peter Close, Bob Edgar, Ian Douglas, ?, Hamish Cook, ?, ?, Keith Neilson, Gordon Kinnley, Colin McKay, ?, Arthur Duff, David Mole, ? Taylor

4th Back Row: Tom Roche, Tim Grove, Bill Blakey, Bill Reilly, ?, Elizabeth Landells, Lesley Geddes, Judith Harding, ?, Jean Scott, ?, I Casey, ?, Ann Bridges, Ann Morrison, Ann Currie, Cathie Lister, Cathie Poller, May Richardson, ?, ?, Lesley Thirkell, Sheila Young, Tom Langlands, George Kinghorn

Half Row (starting behind Ann Anderson): Nan Taylor, Ann Young, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Liz Kinnear, ?, Margaret Sommerville, ?, Nancy Edie, Sheila Gardner, Bob Hunter, Jimmy McCruden

5th Back Row: Arthur Edward, Don MacGregor, Ian Campbell, Colin Alexander, Isobel Currie, Margaret Smith, Lesley Croll, Audrey Braid, ?, Ann Anderson, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ann Gibbs, Jean Lohoar, Leslie van Goetz, Margaret Latto, Ann Oliver, ?, Eileen McIntyre, Jim Noble, Tom Croll

Front Row: Mike Wills, Sandy Farmer, Jimmy Pyper, May Halkett, ?, ?, Tom Paterson, Hester Rain, Tom Broom, Ann Cantley, Ian Gilroy, Lindsay Hodge, Margaret Napier, David Wemyss, Joan Dobie, Ada Christie, ?, Aileen McCleod, Neil Ronaldson, ?

Staff Photograph

Photo: Peter Adamson

4 336

August 1983

Back Row 8: Williams, W Johnson, R Swiffen, I Lochhead, A Barclay, A Sproson, A Farmer, D Chisholm, H Munn, R Waterston, D McLachlan, D Geddes, J McLaughlin, J Noble, J Leighton

Row7: P Hughes, W McGavin, E Hamilton, A McGeoch, T Trewartha, N Ronaldson, I Campbell, J Linton, J O Cook, P Close, W Blakey, D Malcolm, T Roche, A McLean, B Craib

Row 6: C Mackay, R Edgar, A Cuthbert, J Dick, F Willis, A Gibbs, M Wiseman, I MacGregor, R McGhie, A Young, E Dale, A Stephens, A Currie, W Page, C Reid, M Irving, C Robb, J Dobie, A MacCrimmon, A Pardoe

Row 5: S Mackie, P McInnes, D Presley, A MacKenzie, A Smart, K Neilson, S Miller, A O Lindsay, E S Kinnear, M Mobeck, A Anderson, L Stirton, E Soulsby, J McCruden, R Weir, D Pearce, D Stewart, A Duff, A Edward

Row 4: D Wemyss, D Dobson, D MacGregor, T Grove, A Mackay, M Wills, I Douglas, D Cleland, G Kinnley, I Christie, T McDonald, D Monteith, D Mole

Row 3: M Dixon, E McIntyre, Smith, M Fraser, A Taylor, P Ritchie, M Sommerville, J Gribben, Gray, I Currie, I Casey, A Baughan, N Brown, L Oliver, P Borthwick

Row 2: A Braid, S Young, J Scott, H Mason, E Brighton, L Dick, Orr, M Richardson, C Lister, A Macleod, M Douglas, I Wardlaw, V Boag, M Stewart, M Reid, V Maidment, S Dunne, N Edie

Front Row 1: M Latto, R Hunter, M Halkett, M Smith, D Low, W Reilly, T Paterson, A Cantley, I Gilroy, J L Hodge, M Taylor, T Broom, A Thirkell, L von Goetz, J Harding, E Stewart, P Alexander

Retiral Dinner

2 1135

June 1985

Retiral Dinner
in honour of
Mr Ian D Gilroy

Rector of the Madras College

Staff Photograph

Photo: Peter Adamson 


August 1988

Back Row 8: Mr Urquhart, Mr McLaughlin, Mr Lindsay, Mr MacCrimmon, Mr Munn, Mr Mackay, Mr Lochhead, Mr Barclay, Mr Pearce, Mr Beck, Dr Waterson, Mr McGregor, Mr Tarvet, Mr Grove, Mr Wills, Mr Scott, Mr Campbell

Row 7: Mr Casey, Mr McGeoch, Mr Prunty, Mr Ronaldson, Mr Watson, Mr Strachan, Mr Christie, Mr Welsh, Mr Cuthbert, Mr Pearson, Dr Malcolm, Mr Johnston, Mr Linton, Mr Harkins, Dr Kinnley

Row6: Mr Keegans, Mr Close, Mr Nisbet, Mr Smith, Mr Miller, Mr Buchanan, Mr Edward, Mr McGavin, Mr Blakey, Mr Hamilton, Mr Trewartha, Mr Dobson, Mr Cleland, Mr Farmer, Mr McMillan, Mr Baldwin, Mr Douglas

Row 5: Mrs Christie, Mrs Halkett, Dr Soulsby, Miss Kinnear, Mrs McGregor, Miss Latto, Miss Young, Mrs Bridges, Mrs Gibbs, Miss Bennett, Miss Robertson, Mrs A Currie, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Summers, Mrs Wallace, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Bletcher

Row 4: Miss Keatch, Mrs Unsworth, Miss Orem, Mrs Gourlay, Mrs Jones, Mrs McFarlane, Mr Smart, Mr Watt, Mr Watson, Mrs B Scott, Mrs McGhie-Smith, Mrs Sommerville, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Herd

Row 3: Mrs Harding, Miss Batchelor, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Milne, Mrs Lowe, Miss Francey, Mrs Scott, Mrs Mobeck, Mrs Thirkell, Mrs Barclay, Mrs M Brown, Mrs Presley, Mrs Orr, Mrs Dunne, Mrs Wise

Row2: Mrs Nicol, Mrs McLean, Dr Richardson, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Wright, Ms Farr, Mr Wemyss, Mr Kay, Mr Pardoe, Miss Burns, Miss Jack, Mrs Lindsay, Mrs Dobie, Mrs Masson, Tracey (YTS), Mrs Edie

Front Row 1: Mrs Baughan, Mrs Downie, Mrs Boag, Mrs McIntyre, Mrs Mason, Mr Halliday, Mr Paterson, Mrs L A Brown, Mr Galloway, Mr Hodge, Mr Edgar, Mr Herd, Dr Gilbert, Mrs Douglas, Mrs Smith, Mrs Aitken, Mrs Grant



4 514 1988 Three Rectors of Madras College:

     Mr D Galloway (1985 - 1997)

          Dr J Thompson (1955 - 1975)

               Dr I Gilroy (1975 - 1985)


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