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Staff Records 1947 - 1967

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture.

Title of item

Class No



Madras Staff Hockey Team

  1954 Back Row:
Mr Hetherington, Miss Grubb, Miss Prentice, Miss Redford, Miss Dow, Miss Johnson, Mr Gilchrist, ?

Front Row:
Mr Anderson, Mr Gordon, Mr Croll

Madras Staff at Sports Day

  1954 Standing:
Miss Scott, Margaret Grubb, Mr Law, Bob Taylor

Mary Prentice, Mr Dawson, Miss Johnson, Mr MacLeod (Rector), ?

Johnnie Mason

Madras College Staff

  July 1955 Back Row:
Mr Croll, Mr Steele, Colette Gorgean, Mr Halliday

Middle Row:
Dr J McDonald, Miss Ferguson, Mr Gilchrist, Miss Grant, Miss Johnson, Miss Normand, Miss Scott, Miss Grubb, Mr Hetherington, Mr Jarron, Miss Redford, Miss Smith, Miss Robertson

Front Row:
Miss Robertson, Mr Mason, Mr McLees, Mr Law, Mr MacLeod, Miss Sanderson, Miss Affleck, Miss Brown, Miss Crosthwaite

Madras College Staff


Summer 1964

Back Row:
I M Hendry (Modern Languages), Roddy McInnes (Latin), Donald  MacGregor (German), Ian Robertson (Chemistry), Johnnie Mason (Maths), Donald McKenzie (English), Charlie Anderson (Latin), Mike Gill (Art), Bob Taylor (Music), A M Nicoll (Science), Andrew Steele (Technical), Magnus Dawson (Art), Alex McKenzie (Modern Languages), Douglas Johnson (Russian), David Wate (Spanish)

Middle Row:
Bill Rathie (English), Bell, Page, Betty Hendry (Modern Languages), Margaret Crosthwaite (French), Isobel Player (Commercial), H M Rain (Maths), Dr J Thompson, Sandy McLees (English), Devon Reid (Physics), Bill Vaughan (RE), Jim Drummond (History), Bill Lindsay (Biology), J L Hodge (Maths)

Front Row:
Margaret Grubb (Geography), Milne, Mina Scott, Lena Croll (PE), A P Cantley (Geography), Sylvia McIntosh (Maths), Kelly, Jean Russell, Margaret Afflick (Music), Anderson, Ann Gibbs (Biology), Elizabeth Ann Frame (Music), Taylor, Hamilton, Michel Cojean (French Assistant)

Tom Croll (PE), Mr Dawson


    H Utermann (Kiel), Bob Taylor (Music), Ian Hendry (Mod Langs), Bill Vaughan (RE), ?, AP Cantley (Geography)

From MCM October 1955 1955 The Rector:

Norman MacLeod M.A.



From MCM October 1955 1955

Principal Teacher of Modern Languages
Miss Mary S Sanderson M.A.


From MCM October 1956 1956 The Rector:
Dr J Thompson M.A.

From MCM January 1958   English & History:
Miss Margaret P Brown M.A.

Hector Sutherland

From MCM 1966 1966 English Department

Ian Hendry

From MCM 1966 1966 Modern Languages

In the Language Laboratory, South Street.


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