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Staff Records 1914 - 1946

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture.

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Photo: J Fairweather, St Andrews

4 685

c 1920

Back Row:
Mr Gordon, Miss Craig, ?, Mr Hendry, Mr Caldwell, Miss Forbes, Miss Maxwell, Mr WW Thomson

Middle Row:
Miss Scott, Mr Carmichael, Mr Martin, Miss Finlayson, Mr Lessels

Front Row:
Miss MP Brown, Miss Paton, ?, Miss Black

3 661 circa 1910
Self Portrait in oils:

J D Lessells, Art Master

Photo: Fairweather, St Andrews

  1937 The Late Mr James Lessells.

For a considerable number of years Mr Lessells was Art Master of the Madras College, St Andrews, and was a pioneer in art teaching.  He excelled as a draughtsman.  He died in Edinburgh in November 1927, where he resided after he retired.

  1937 Mr James Easson, St Andrews.

Music Master at the Madras College, who was recently appointed Superintendent of Music to Dundee Schools.  He had been at the Madras since 1923.  He is organist and choirmaster of Holy Trinity Church, St Andrews.

  1937 Miss Margaret C Affleck, Ladybank

who was appointed successor to Mr Easson at the Madras College.  For four years she was Music Mistress at Edinburgh Ladies College.

from MCM
  The Rector:

Mr J D McPetrie


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