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Pupil Records 1833 - 1913

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture.

Title of item

Class No



Early Photograph including Thomas Lawson

Photo: T. Rodger


Madras College St Andrews
Presented to
Mr Thomas Lawson
on account of his uniform propriety of conduct,
his satisfactory progress in all his classes, and as
a Prize
For his excellent Fair-books and Exercises
in the Mathematics Department - W. O. ???, master
"The memory of our young Companions is ever dear"

Charles Lapworth, Assistant English Master
with pupils

4-123 circa

On reverse:
Lesslie Newligen – 3rd from end next boy in velvet suit





2nd from left, back row.

Margaret Ellis Brown later Mrs Robert Kay Louden

Literary & Debating Society

4-195 about 1894

or 1900

Chrissie McKenzie, Jean Anderson, Mary Burnett, Christina Auchterlonie, Miss Finlayson, Christian Mary Brown, Hettie Rusack, Agnes Hunter, Nellie Scott, Jean Rusack

Annie Wallace, Miss Scott, Mrs Mackenzie (Rector’s wife), Agnes Aikman, Blanche Murray, Lizzie Armitt

Maisie Aikman, Alice Linder, Maggie Brown, Margaret Murray, Lottie Aikman


Notes:  Miss Finlayson taught in Prep Department and was Lady Superintendant of school.  A character! Retired 1926.  Miss Scott also taught in Prep Department.

Aikmans – family of Aikman & Terrace (grocers)

Rusacks (hotel)

Lizzie Armit (Mrs W B Brown) = mother of Isobel & Mary Brown 150 Hepburn Gardens (Armit, bakers in Church Street)

Christine Mary Brown = Aunt of Isobel & Mary Brown, a very early woman graduate, St Andrews University MA in 1896.


Kindergarten Classes 5 & 4
4-118 1 1904
Kindergarten Classes 3 & 2
4-118 2 1904

Kindergarten Class 1

4-118 3 1904
Miss Finlayson's Class

Photo: D & W Prophet, Dundee & Edinburgh

4-687 1907 Top Row:
Miss Jean Finlayson, ?, Douglas ?, ?, ?, ?, M.Smart

Middle Row:
Daisy Ridley, ?, Ella Smith, ?, ?, ?, Ruth Fletcher, ?, H Macrae, ?

Front Row:
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Chrissie Fleming, Jenny Smith


  June 1913 Back Row:
Eleanor W Brown (industrial work), Edwin J Mackie (classics and mathematics), Elizabeth J B Carstairs (physical culture), Duncan Ferguson (art)

Front Row:
John M M Laing (swimming and good fellowship), Margaret Howden (Coronation gold medal), Mary Dalrymple (modern languages and English), Margaret C Smith (music and good fellowship), Robert V G Mitchell (1st in intermediate class)

Cookery Class Madras Picnic


Margaret Ellis Brown wearing straw boater with hand on shoulder of R K Louden ( later Mr & Mrs R K Louden)

Uncle Alex Brown 2nd from right in front row (no hat).  Kate Mackenzie 2nd girl from left sitting on grass.


4-672   Group of girls behind the original South Street building.
4-673   At the back of the original South Street building (girls side).


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