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Miscellaneous 1914 - 1946

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture. 

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Pictorial Postcards



A set of 6 pictorial postcards featuring Madras College.

Centenary Recipe Book

2-5375 1930 Recipes by:
Mrs Reay, Miss Ferguson; Mrs Buddo, Mrs Kaye, K Wilson, Mrs Bayne, Mrs Morrison, Mrs Mary Hay, Miss Kinghorn, Mrs Warnes, C.A.D., Mrs J S Brown, Mrs McPetrie, Miss Sinclair, Mrs Cuthbert, Miss H G Petrie, Mrs Lamb, Miss Flora Cuthbert, Mrs Caldwell, Miss Carnegie, Mrs Grant, Mrs Galloway, Miss J Hamilton, Mrs C Ireland, Mrs Torry, Miss Mary Craig, Mrs James Hughes, Mr Ireland, Mrs Thomson, Miss Wilson, Miss Spence, Miss Ruth Smith, Mrs Simpson, Mrs R Smith, Mrs Anderson, Miss Gourlay, Miss Craighead, Miss Bett, Mrs Smith, J K Wilson, Miss Mollie Mackie, Mrs Haslin, Mrs Faichney, Mrs D C Walker, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Gorrie, Mrs Warren, Mrs Stobie, Miss A Carnegie, E.M.S., Mrs Scott, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Dall, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Methven, Miss A C Cowie, Mrs D Niven, Mrs Elliot, "Scottie", Mrs Spence, Mrs Bridges, Mrs Mack, Mrs Archibald Glass, M Nicol, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs A Anderson, Mrs S, Mrs G B Glegg, Mrs Sandison, Mrs Pratt, Miss M G Smith, Mrs T Auchterlonie, Miss L N White, Mrs A Brown, Miss Bett, Mrs Meldrum, Miss N Duncan, Mrs J Wilson, Mrs Bennett, E A Miller, Mrs Spencer, Mrs W L Gourlay, Mrs Grieve, Miss Taylor, Mrs J Christie, Mrs Paul, Mrs Hill, Mrs Breinghan, Mrs Whitehouse, Miss A Brown, Mrs Warnes, Mrs Weighton, M L Hunter, Mrs Stout, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Campbell Smith, Mrs Brown, Mrs F H Montgomery, Miss Gourlay, Miss I F Duncan, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Roger, Mrs Doig, Miss H G Petrie , Mrs Easson, Mrs Wood, Mrs Forbes, Mrs Frost, Mrs Todd, Mrs Howat, Mrs Haxton, Mrs Candlish, Mrs Grieve, Mrs Low, Miss Duncan, Mrs D Gourlay, Mrs A Robertson, Miss Purvis, Mrs W T Brown, Mrs MacNiven, N Mitchell, Mrs Eric Gourlay, Mrs Roger, Mrs Glegg, Mrs Crichton, Miss Barron, Mrs A H Gourlay, C W Marsdin, M L Gardiner, Mrs Warren, Mrs Maitland Trotter, Mrs Niven, Miss C B Arlett, Miss Jean Cargill, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Burt, Miss N Walker, Mrs Bell, J Bruce, Miss A F McLeod, Mrs R Mackenzie, Mrs W K Fraser, Miss Taylor, Mrs W W Thomson, M McAulay, Mrs Joyner, Mrs Drysdale, Miss M G Smith, Miss A Law, Mrs Beveridge, Miss Normand, Mrs Mackie, J.K.R., Miss N Brown, Mrs W H Walker, J.A.S., Mrs Ferguson.
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