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School Events 1990 to current

The table below lists items relating to the above theme and era. If there is an enlarged image available for the item, it can be viewed by clicking on the picture.

Title of item

Class No



Madras Pupils presented to the Duchess of Kent

4-994 1993 Pupils manning the Arthritis & Rheumatism stall at the Dunhill Golf Competition are presented to the Duchess of Kent.
Visit of the Indian High Commissioner

4-1046 Autumn 1994  
Modern Studies Senior Pupils conference


1995 Madras representative Angela Smith on extreme left.

Mr D Galloway centre of picture.

Tree planting at South Street

4-1071 1995  
Presentation of cheques for Links Clubhouse mural

4-1080 June 1995 Craig Amy, Peter Mason (Links Trust), Alma Smith (Principal Teacher of Art), ?, Susan Lerski


The mural can be seen here

Links Clubhouse Mural - 'Reflections of St Andrews'


June 1995

Marigold Speir (Links Trustee), Bill Ritchie (Links Trustee), Alma Smith (Principal Teacher of Art), Susan Lerski, Craig Amy

Copper coin collection for Comic Relief

4-5278 16 March 2001 Sixth Year pupils collected 850 on the school badge design.


Back Row:
Shona Morrison, Emma Conway, Claire Barrett, Louise Wilson, Lana Fischer, Linsey Allison, Rector, Angela Frame, Katie Wilmshurst, Kai Hopkins, Chris Riach, Andy Keir, Nicola Baird, Peter Steenan

Front Row:
Thomas Greene, Iain Doidge, Kirsty Brownlie, Claire Hill, Lesley-Ann Blair, Alphonse Ryan

Quad Fund Appeal

Photo: Arlen Pardoe

  2001 Johnny Reid, Helen McKay, Lindsay Matheson, Clive Burhouse, Ann Brown, Douglas Hamilton
Madras Pipe Band

Photo: Arlen Pardoe



Celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Andrew Bell with an unveiling of a plaque at his birthplace in South Street, St Andrews.


Video: Arlen Pardoe


March 2003

Dr. Bell was born on March 27th 1753.  To commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birth a parade of pupils took place in the town led by the Madras College Pipe Band.
The Rivals

Photo: Peter Adamson

  1-4 March 2011 Geir Darge, Alan Sunter, Emily Brodie, Tom Smout, Nicola Gilmour, Euan Dickson, David Paul, Caitlin Paterson, Katy May Ferguson, Max Chase, Finlay Jones, Jennifer Samson, Jacob Scott, Paul Thompson
Burns Suppers

Programmes from Burns Suppers
Burns Supper Invitations


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