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Robert Warden (1841 - 1905)

Robert Warden was born on 4th January 1841 in Dundee and died in Canada in 1905

The 'Old Boys Chronicle' in the Madras College Magazine for April 1906 reported:

"The late Rev. Dr. Warden, of Toronto, who passed away at the close of last year, received early education at the Madras College, He went to Canada as a young manl, and, after studying at Knox College there, entered the ministry of the Canadian Presbyterian Church. Along with the charge of a congregation, he held for many years the post of Secretary at Knox College, He earned! much praise for his organisation of the Century Fund, by which a subscription of nearly two million dollars was added to the endowments of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Dr. Warden promoted the scheme in an able address to the Assembly of the year 1899. In 1891 he was Moderator of the General Assembly at Ottawa. Dr. Warden left various valuable bequests, among them being a gift of £2000 to Knox College, and one of £1000 to Montreal Presbyterian College."


The Daily Sun for 15 November 1905 reported:

Rev. Dr. Warden Seriously Ill

No Hopes Entertained for His Recovery

Something of His Great Work in Connection with the Presbyterian Church in Canada

(Special to the Sun.)

TORONTO, Ont., Nov. 14.óRev. Dr.. Warden, general agent of the Presbyterian church, is slowly sinking from cancer and death seems only a question as to how long his strength will last. Lieut. Governor Clark, chairman of the board of management, today received an intimation that Dr. Warden had donated ten thousand dollars to Knox College.

Rev. Dr. Warden, was born in Dundee, Scotland. Jan. 4, 1841, and was graduated from St. Andrew's College in 1866. He was ordained and inducted at Bothwell, Ont., the same year. Dr. Warden remained there eight years, and in 1874 accepted the agency of Knox College. In 1875 he proceeded to Montreal, as agent of the church. He became secretary of the French evangelistic work and treasurer of the Montreal Presbyterian College, from which institution he received the degree of D. D. in 1888. In addition to the above he was appointed secretary of the Home Missions committee, secretary of the augmentation fund and governing director of the Presbyterian Ladies' College at Ottawa. For some years he was editor of the Presbyterian Record. In 1895 he was elected general agent of the Presbyterian church in Canada, succeeding Rev. Dr. Wm. Reid. He is a director of the Royal Victoria Life Insurance Co., and vice-president of the Westminster Publishing Co. Dr. Warden is also president of the Metropolitan Bank.