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Richard Gadd (1990 - current)

In 2015, Richard played a lead role in the E4 comedy Tripped.

In 2015 and 2016, Richard featured in the Adam Riches' production Coach Coach at the Pleasance Dome in Edinburgh and at the Soho Theatre:

He was also seen on BBC3's Comedy Marathon at the Edinburgh Festival 2012
  • Winner - Laughing Penguin New Act of the Year 2010
  • Finalist - Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2011
  • Finalist - Amused Moose Laugh-Off Scottish Comedian of the Year 2011
  • Part of BBC Scotland's Best of Red Raw 2011 @ The Stand Comedy Club
  • Featured in The Best of Spank at the Edinburgh Festival 2011
  • Part of the Chortle Fast Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival 2011

Richard Gadd won the best show on the Fringe in the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in August 2016 for his funny but troubling show Monkey See Monkey Do.

The Fife comic, who has built a cult following on the Fringe with his deeply intense and personal performances, is performing a free show in an underground cavern with just 40 seats every night. But he fears his impact of his shows would be lost if he was appearing on stage before several hundred people.

Richard performed at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his acclaimed show Waiting for Gaddot which is also being filmed as a TV pilot by Brown Eyed Boy productions. Richard also has a project in development with Hat Trick productions.

After its phenomenal success in Edinburgh Waiting for Gaddot had runs at the Soho Theatre and at The Invisible Dot.

Richard took the lead role in the school production of Macbeth in September 2005

'Richard Gadd - Macbeth
Richards' drama career began when he played the part of a wise man in the nativity play at Worrnit Primary School. He thoroughly enjoys his drama classes at Madras, easily picking it over Latin in his second year. He took part in the LAMDA acting exams, performing pieces from "The Trestle" and "Billy Liar". Richard has taken part in several small school productions during lunchtimes and after school including one in aid of Tsunami Relief. He auditioned for "Macbeth" expecting a small role but instead was handed the role of Macbeth. This has involved endless pages containing huge speeches (half of which had been cut after learning them). He is both nervous and excited about performing and knows he will miss all those involved after the final curtain. It will also be hard for him to stop lapsing into Shakespearean when talking to friends and family when the production is over.'

The 2005 Christmas newsletter reported:

'Richard Gadd excelled in the title role. He delivered a wonderfully physical performance in which he was perfectly prepared to smash his head off the set when the role demanded it!'