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Former Pupil Biographies

Jack Morrocco (1978 - )

Following his education at Madras College, St Andrews. Jack Morrocco (DA) started his art college study in Dundee, Shortly, after his 17th birthday (the youngest in his academic year). He was selected to study at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath during the summer of 1973 where the visiting tutor was the renowned pop artist Peter Blake. He was awarded a postgraduate year of study (highly commended) in 1975 as well as the Farquhar Reid Travelling Scholarship that was spent in Paris and Florence. After College he worked for 5 years as a freelance illustrator whilst also painting and exhibiting.

 As a result of the volume of illustration and graphic design work he was being asked to undertake, he set up an advertising, marketing and design consultancy in Dundee in 1980 that he ran until 1996. Employing around 15 staff. The consultancy worked on all aspects of design, advertising, exhibition, photography, video production and public relations, all under Jacks control. Showing versatility still evident in his work today. Jack painted intermittently during this time submitting to the RSA and RGI and undertaking a number of portrait commissions.

He returned to painting full time in 1997 and now works from his studios in Fife and the South of France.