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Major Henry David Cook Craig MC (1888 - 1920)

Henry David Cook Craig, M. A. 1911, M.C. Soudan Civil Service, Education Department, Khartoum. Captain, 3rd Battalion, Special Reserve, The Highland Light Infantry. Brigade Major, 107th Infantry Brigade, in the great offensive, August 1918. D.A.Q.M.G. Expeditionary Force, Russia (Baltic). Born 25th October 1888. Died of typhus at Reval, 13th February 1920.

Special Order of the Day for Notification to all Ranks. The G.O.C. British Military Mission has with much regret to announce the death of Major H. D. C. Craig, M.C, H.L.I., from typhus contracted in the performance of his duties.

Major Craig, with a tireless devotion to duty, and with complete disregard of personal safety, has done splendid work in helping to ameliorate the conditions of the officers and men of the N.-W. Army at Narva.
In carrying out this work he was thoroughly aware of the dangers he ran, which finally resulted in the loss of his life. His self-sacrifice is worthy of the best and highest traditions of the British Officer, and will help in no small degree in maintaining the prestige of our race in the Baltic Provinces.

By his death the British Mission loses a very gallant and a very valuable Officer.
T. V. Delahaye, Major, General Staff.

Awarded the Military Cross, January 1919, for personal gallantry and good work during the operations carried out by the 2nd Army between 28th September 1918 and 10th October 1918. On the morning of the 1st October 1918 an attack was delivered by the Brigade on the south slope of Hill 41, Vifwegen. Owing to mist and the strong opposition of the enemy, by which the Commanding Officer of the attacking battalion was
killed, the situation was obscure. Captain Craig carried out extensive reconnaissances of the front under heavy machine-gun fire, and by the intelligence which he obtained it was possible to reorganise the front and to make dispositions to deal with a serious situation on the right flank.

The work of this Officer has at all times been thorough and his energy indefatigable.
Decorated by General Yudenich with the Order of St. Stanislas, Second Class, with Swords.
Mentioned in Sir R. C. B. Haking's Despatches of 3rd February 1920.

Sons and daughters of Robert & Susan Craig

Robert Craig, minister of Ardentinny in 1860 was married to Susan Stewart Meldrum in 1880.  They had several sons in the army and others abroad. Some of the sons are known to have been educated at Madras College.

  • Robert Meldrum Craig b.1882, M.A., BSc., F.G.S., Lecturer in Geology, University of Edinburgh, was a captain in the 5th South Staffordshire Regiment; Madras Pupil;
  • James Manson Craig b.1885, M.A., B.D. was Professor of English, United College, Madras (India); Madras Pupil;
  • John Douglas Craig b.1887, M.A., B.A. (Oxon), Classical Lecturer, University of Sheffield, was a captain R.F.A.; Madras Pupil;
  • Henry David Cook Craig b.1888, M.A., M.C., Order of St Stanisaus, was a brigade major 107th Infantry Brigade, died of typhus at Reval, 13th Feb. 1920;  Madras Pupil;
  • Falconer Gray Craig b.1892, M.C., was a lieutenant in the 3rd Hussars;
  • Joseph Murison Craig b.1893, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.;
  • Archibald Douglas Craig b.1898 was a captain with 11th Gurkas, India;
  • Andrew Russell Craig b.1901, a rubber planter in Malaya.

Their daughters were:

  • Constance Craig b.1890, M.A., missionary at Ichang, China, born 20th May 1890 (marr. 1st March 1921, John Watt Cameron, Shanghai);
  • Jean Soutar Craig b.1896, M.A.