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Former Pupil Biographies

Dr. David H Paton (1863 - 1929)

The 'Old Boys Chronicle' in the Madras College Magazine for June 1910 reported:

"David H. Paton, L.L.D., a distinguished old pupil of the Madras College, died in London on the 25th April last. Dr. Paton's father, a foreman mason, lost his life in an accident at the building of the College. Dr. Bell's Trustees, naturally, interested themselves in the family which had lost its head in their service, and provided for the education of the children.

David distinguished himself in his classes, and at the University was the first Classic of his day. He assisted Dr. Woodford, then Classical Master of Madras College. After filling posts at Banff and Stirling, he joined the staff of the Glasgow High School as second Classical Master.

Afterwards, he became First Classical Master, and eventually, in 1879, Rector of the School. This post he held till 19O1, when he retired and went to live in London.

Among other works he published an Epitome of Livy after the model of his old master, Dr. Woodford's, Epitome of Caesar. One of his pupils at Stirling was the late Rev. John Watson, D.D. (Ian McLaren), and he is remembered by one or two surviving Madras old boys to whom he acted as private tutor or taught when assistant in the Classical Department."

In 'The Madras College' Dr Thompson wrote:

"One schoolmaster deserves a note to illustrate, if no more, the benefit which could come to clever, poor boys from the foundation. David Paton, whose father was killed during the building of school, was enabled by bursaries to complete his education at school and university. He became a schoolmaster and finished his career as a rector of Glasgow High School."