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Sir Alexander Wilson (1837 - 1907)

Alexander Wilson was born in 1837, the son of George Wilson, Haugh Hill House, Fifeshire. He was educated at Madras College and the universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh. He was an agent for Cammell and Co. in the United States, but came to Sheffield in 1859. He was managing director of Charles Cammell & Co. Ltd where armour plate was being developed, to be used extensively on battleships. When Queen Victoria visited Sheffield in 1897, she saw the rolling of armour plate at Cammellís Cyclops Works.

He was knighted in the Jubilee Honours in 1897. He was also made a Knight of the Polar Star by King Oscar of Sweden and Norway.

He was Master Cutler in 1896.

The 'Old Boys Chronicle' in the Madras College Magazine for June 1907 reports:

"Sir Alexander Wilson, Bart., head of the engineering firm of Cammell & Co., Sheffield, was a native of Fife and was born in 1837.  He was educated at the Madras College and Edinburgh University. When Queen Victoria visited Sheffield in 1897 Mr Wilson held the office of Master Cutler, and Her Majesty inspected the works of Cammell & Co. On this occasion Sir Alexander received his Baronetcy."